Main objectives of GPO Heavylift is:

Making GPO the best heavy transport solution provider – within the business area – by meeting the demands and expectations placed on us by clients, government and ourselves. The requirements include reliability, security and price. In addition, the products shall be in compliance with the contracts.

Developing a specialist environment that can participate in operation, engineering, marketing and sales in order to deliver high quality work while taking into consideration health, safety and environment. In this way GPO will still be recognised as a competitive company well known for delivering quality transportation services at a cost that provides company profit.

GPO will ensure that goals are met, by the means of:

Designing, implementation and keeping a system updated for quality control which satisfies the requirements of NS – ISO 9001:2015. The system will be used by the management as a tool to ensure that the company deliver quality of services according to the contracts. The system aims to prevent errors, ambiguities and misunderstandings, so that work can be done right the first time and so that the company can achieve continual improvements.

Having systems in place to ensure that HSE and external environment requirements are met.

Developing and maintaining an organisation of employees with the necessary competences, experiences and skills. The tasks shall be performed in a professional manner, with the use of technology available, qualified workers, relevant regulations and standards and an efficient administration system.

Informing and motivation of employees to perceive that the quality assurance system applies to all levels and all employees in the company. The system assumes that every employee is responsible for the quality of its work and that the managers are responsible for the quality of the work in their department.

Emphasize on maintaining an open and trusting relationship with the customers and to the relevant authorities when carrying out assignments. Perform work of high quality during all phases.