Christening ceremony of "GPO Sapphire"

Publised 30.08.2019

The christening ceremony of "GPO Sapphire" (Hull 1059) was held on 20.08.2019 at the CSBC yard in Taiwan.

GPO Grace transporting two JU rigs for Borr Drilling

Publised 30.08.2019

GPO Grace has transported Borr Gird and Borr Gersemi from Singapore to Mexico.

Transport of COSL Rigmar on GPO Amethyst

Publised 30.08.2019

COSL Rigmar was successfully loaded in Norway and transported to China. The rig was loaded on top of Ugland barge UR93 as support.

GPO Amethyst maiden voyage

Publised 11.09.2018

GPO Amethyst have successfully completed transport of her first cargo. The Jack-up drilling rig was transported from Malaysia to UK.

Transport of first Jack-up Drilling Rig

Publised 06.03.2018

Deep Driller 1 and 7 were successfully loaded on GPO Grace in Corpus Christi Mai 2018.

Christening Ceremony GPO Amethyst

Publised 06.03.2018

The christening ceremony of "GPO Amethyst" (Hull 1058) was succesfully held on 26.02.2018 at the CSBC yard in Taiwan.

Transport of first Semisubmersible Drilling Rig

Publised 06.03.2018

The SSDR Lousianna was transported from Brazil to Sri Lanka with GPO Grace during the last part of 2017.

Maiden Voyage Completed

Publised 17.10.2017

GPO Grace completed her maiden voyage from Thailand to Norway with the Module Support Frame (MSF) for Statoil’s Johan Sverdrup drilling platform. The loading, transport and discharge went according to plan and to client's full satisfaction.

Loading of Johan Sverdrup drilling module MSF

Publised 31.07.2017

The Module Support Frame (MSF) for Statoil’s Johan Sverdrup drilling platform was rolled onboard GPO Grace 26.07.17. The module will be transported to Norway and lifted off by Heerema’s heavylift crane vessel Thialf.

Christening Ceremony

Publised 31.07.2017

The christening ceremony of "GPO Grace" (Hull 1057) was succesfully held on 28.06.2017 at the CSBC yard in Taiwan.



Launching HLV GPO Grace

Publised 22.12.2016

Launching of "GPO Grace" (Hull 1057) was performed on 16.12.2016 at the CSBC yard in Taiwan.



Keel laying

Publised 03.08.2016

Keel laying of "GPO Grace" (Hull 1057) was performed on 25.07.2016 at the CSBC yard in Taiwan.